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New York-Italian trendy pizza dining.


Brunch feast at The Ivy Cafe

I really love brunch dates, so when a friend suggested we treat ourselves to an indulgent one at The Ivy Cafe in St John’s Wood, I didn’t need much persuading…!

Quintessential French dining in Montmartre, Paris

After years of longing, I finally went to Paris for the first time in December – and it was every bit as delicious as I’d hoped it would be. On our last night, we were pretty exhausted from walking around the city (it’s another one of those where you can walk for miles before realising) so…

Returning to London

It’s been a quiet few months here as I’ve been busy making the move back to London after three wonderful years in beautiful Bristol. Food, drink and days-out posts will have a slight London bias now. However, I’ve been on some great trips in the past few months including a gorgeous long weekend in Paris…

Sweet potato, chilli and lemongrass soup

The freshness of the lemongrass in this soup makes it a deliciously satisfying meal at any time of the year but if you’re looking to spice up winter, or after one of those January recipes that feel naughty to the taste but not to the waist, look no further. At under 50p per meal, the…

To tomato, or not to tomato?

This week, I finally got around to visiting my new local pizza restaurant; Flour & Ash on Cheltenham Road (right by the arches for those of you who know the hood). The thing we found most impressive was the smell on walking into the place. It. Smelt. Incredible! It must be the wood fired, sourdough…

Vintage meets burgers

Find this vintage burger joint (yes, vintage + burgers…) on Charlotte Street for a great dinner with friends.